Foods That Rabbits Can Eat

Published: 07th July 2009
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So what can a pet rabbit eat? What types of foods are safe for a rabbit? Here is some handy food tips for those who own rabbits. It is relatively easy on knowing what are the right foods for a rabbit and what aren't. One thing to keep in mind is that rabbits have a consistent diet. If they eat something that is not in their diet and it is introduced too abruptly to them then it can cause health problems for the rabbit.

A lot of websites and handy guides vary on what kinds of foods hat a rabbit can eat to stay healthy. All of them do say that rabbits need fresh hay and water all the time for them to stay healthy. There are a few different types of hay (alfalfa, timothy, and oat). The most important one out of those three is timothy hay (aka grass hay). The other ones are decent, but not as a main source of food for the rabbit. So timothy hay will be the main source of diet for the rabbit. They need this hay to keep their digestive system in balance. Without hay, the rabbits can have long term damaging effects in their digestive system causing them to be sick.

Pellets are a good secondary source of food for them. There will be many different assortments of pellets. Pellets only, pellets with seeds, and pellets with treats. You should probably just buy the bag that is pellets only and make sure you look at the label and identify if the pellets are high in fiber (16% or higher). If you do want to buy the bags that have pellets and other assorted foods (seeds, treats, etc.) you still can, but keep in mind these foods are unhealthy given in large amounts. So if you do give them to your rabbits use it sparingly. Never have this as your main source of food for rabbits.

A healthier source of food than pellets are vegetables and fruits. Vegetable is healthy for the bunny and so are fruits. But fruits should be given in moderation, because of sugar content. Only give the vegetables and fruits to rabbits after they are six months old. Introduce the foods very slowly. A little bit at a time. And try to introduce only one fruit or vegetable at a time so their digestive system can adjust. You can upset the rabbit's digestive system if you give them different kinds of foods too fast. This will make them ill and they will have diarrhea and other assorted problems. You and rabbit will not be in a very happy mood. Remember this is a secondary source of food. Moderation is key. There is a link in the resource box that shows a list of what fruits and vegetables that are safe to the rabbit. It is best if you print this list and leave it somewhere where everyone can see it. Next time when you are going to the store you will know what kinds of food your rabbit can eat.

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